Say when!

Say When is a food blog and a supper club.  We plan monthly pop-up dinners inspired by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors.   You can sign up for these dinners through this site or you can request a date for a communal or private dinner by getting in touch with us.    Every month the menu will be a little different, so hopefully you'll want to come back again and again!  There will almost always be hummus, usually chicken, grains, vegetables, and a seasonal dessert and always some sort of surprise...everything full of flavor, spices, and sauces.  You can find some of our favorite recipes in the blog section!

the roots...

Say When! is a little bit of an old dream brought to life.  It has it's roots years ago when I was in design school, around the time I was just getting into cooking.  At a thrift store, I found an old sepia and blue print of a man and woman staring into each others' eyes, the water she was pouring into his glass overflowing on the floor.  At the bottom of this print is a blue banner that reads "Say When!"  This print still hangs in my house and you can see it in the picture above.  This image stuck with me and, as I walked by a vacant storefront everyday on my way to class, I slowly built up a dreamy idea of a restaurant called Say When! in the space.  The restaurant never came to be, but I like to think the blog and dinners are a little bit of the dream becoming a reality.


I’m a full time Interior Designer who loves to cook in the evenings and on the weekends in my little Brooklyn kitchen.  I'm constantly experimenting with spices and learning techniques and styles from around the world.  I always find myself being pulled to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern types of flavors.  I hope to see you at the table soon to share meals, stories, laughter, and a love of food.